On my way back from Cambodia, I transited through Bangkok for less than 24 hours. I had enough time to marvel at the progress of the country. The huge vibrant Swarnbhoomi Airport is an immediate indicator of the golden success of the nation. By the way Swarnabhoomi is a Sanskrit word meaning Golden Land, and being Indian it is always gladdening to see our contribution to their progress. 🙂

Despite the wonderful shopping that Bangkok has to offer, over the last few weeks I have come to the conclusion that Delhi can be a good alternative to Bangkok, simply because there is much more to do in terms of business and consequently to enjoy life.India’s pathetic infrastructure got highlighted most recently last month when power cuts on successive days managed to put half the population (= 600 million persons) in darkness. That means that almost 10 times the population of Thailand needs much improved power infrastructure in India.

Statements made for power, can also be repeated for roads and water. And, this development along with auxiliary development gives an indication of the vastness of economic opportunity waiting in India. Thailand enjoys a more than double of India’s per capita GDP, again leaving less room for growth. Thus, the income opportunity is higher for me if I am in India.

With higher per capita income, disposable income is also higher in Thailand. This results in a higher cost of living. Even a visit to the international McDonald’s is more expensive in Thailand. A quick Internet based search reveals that Bangkok is at least 50% more expensive than Delhi; exceptions exist such as the cost of reasonable quality Japanese food! I would certainly like to see more international food at reasonable prices in India. Otherwise the costs are lower for me in India.

Higher revenues and lower costs translate to better profits. This is good, but what use are profits if they cannot be enjoyed? Certainly Bangkok seems to offer much higher quality entertainment as its shopping centers and variety of eateries demonstrate, but for me there is less freedom because I don’t know the local language. In Delhi, I can manage very well with English. Additionally, lesser road congestion of Delhi allows me to get around more smoothly. The rapid expansion of the Delhi Metro will make transportation even better in the years to come.

I am in international business. Bangkok certainly has its appeal, but if Delhi can work for me, it might for you too.

Singapore of course would be very different. Ideas differ though….