On my way back from Japan, I stopped over in Hong Kong earlier this month. It was my first visit in ages. The main objective was to visit the Disneyland. This was the first visit to Disneyland for my youngest son and I; my wife and other children have been to Tokyo Disneyland before.  Why did I choose Hong Kong Disneyland for my debut?  Well, I felt that the lines for the attractions would be less; it has easy access from the downtown area, and the size would be manageable.

However, on reaching there, my first reaction was that the airport has moved further away from the downtown area. The taxi ride in now costs over 250 HKD. There are two downtown areas for visitors, Hong Kong Island and Kowloon. We chose to stay in Kowloon at The Kimberley Hotel (about 900 HKD a night for twin occupancy, inclusive of taxes but excluding breakfast. That’s okay because there are a number of restaurants serving breakfast for about 40 HKD across the street).

The Disneyland:

In all respects, Hong Kong Disneyland met my expectations, and my family and I had a wonderful time.  The tour desk at our hotel would have arranged to get there at about 11, but we did not wish to lose even a single precious minute. So, we went there by taxi, which cost us about 200 HKD from Kowloon.

The advantage of a June visit is that it is the low season.  Additionally going on a weekday meant that the lines were manageable and we didn’t have to wait more than 12 minutes anywhere.  Starting anti-clockwise we visited Tomorrowland, Fantasyland, Toy Story Land and Adventureland in order – managing 11 attractions by 3pm, at which point I had to take my daughter to the airport.

For me, the most memorable was the space mountain ride, which I repeated with my daughter and second son – although a bit scary for my youngest son. The other repeated ride was RC Racer at Toy Story Land.  I also remember the Mad Hatter Tea Cups and the Jungle River Cruise.

Though the food menu at Disneyland is extremely tempting, the actual food doesn’t live up to the expectations as created by the other attractions. I must admit though that I enjoyed a rubbery textured ice-cream for the first time in my life.  I guess you’ll just have to taste it – I can’t express it in words, except to say that it is worth it.

My wife and two sons remained till 8pm and managed to finish scaling the entire park. In the five hours that I wasn’t there, my son bumped fists with Buzz Lightyear as he walked by, enjoyed the Lion King musical and Mickey’s magic which was more than a 3D adventure.

My Sons with Buzz LightYear

Coming back was easy. There is a train (metro, subway whichever you prefer to call it) connection that gets you back to Kowloon rather quickly and at a more reasonable cost. Memories of this enjoyable visit shall remain with me for some time to come. I guess the adrenaline rush from the space mountain ride is just too addictive.